Steadystand Multi, Fixed

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Steady Stand Multi, Fixed

The Steadystand MultiFixed is completely adjustable in diameter and width for the respective tire format !!!

  • Application: fixable on a flat surface
  • Wheel sizes: adjustable from approx. 14 - 21 inches
  • Wheel widths: approx. 90 - 210 mm
  • Color: silver, galvanized
  • Weight: approx. 6kg

The Steadystand MultiFixed is only suitable for fixed mounting! With the included mounting parts the Steadystand Multi Fixed can be mounted on a solid base (E.g. On trailers, lifting platforms or in a transporter. (E.g. On trailers, lifting platforms or in a transporter.As a result, the hitherto often so difficult transport becomes a children's game. Once the motorcycle is in the multi-fixed steady state, it is firmly fixed !!Afterwards, it can be tied at rest with tapes.They drive or push the motorcycle over the tipping mechanism and by their own weight the motorcycle is imperturbably anchored.The robust non-slip parts ensure a firm grip on almost any surface.

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