About us

About us.

Valkyrieparts……or ……„I made my hobby to business”

Maybe I’m crazy – but back in 1999 I fell in love with the best bike in the world …..the Honda VALKYRIE.

It started to pimp my bikes with chrome goodies and accessories and made a small homepage with all this parts.

In 2003, we signed up for the VRCC (VALKYRIE RIDERS CRUISER CLUB) and we found many people with the same love for this bike and very real friendships all around the world.


2006 we started a professional Onlineshop with NEW – and USED Parts, with WEAR Parts and self developed chrome goodies for the Valkyrie.

To get more privately contact to our customer and to exchange experiences we started the real “SCHRAUBERWOCHENENDE”.

It was a raving success at the beginning.



Through the constant increasing interest for the Valkyrie, we offer beside the spare parts also Valkyrie and Interstate (bikes) in different variations for sale.

To choose between 10 or 20 bikes it is not so easy but all the bikes are conditioned and so in a top condition.

 Everybody finds here his dreambike.


With the relaunch  of our Homepage and our Online Shop we want to improve our presentation and we want to be  your solid, and authentic partner.



Your team from Valkyrieparts

Ruth & Peter