WD-40 Spray, Oil Smart Straw

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WD-40 Spray Oil Smart Straw

The classic "almost ALLROUNDER"

WD-40 "Smart-Straw" with special spray tube and nozzle:

The new WD-40 Smart-Straw sprays twofold perfectly thanks to the innovative folding tube on the spray head.

For point-accurate spraying e.g. When using as a contact spray or when maintaining locking cylinders or by loosening fixed screws, simply fold out the tube. For surface application, e.g. In the case of rim cleaning, corrosion protection, cleaning, removal of rust and corrosion, simply fold the tube again.

With the new WD-40 Smart-Straw, there is no annoying tube searching and no more plugging and one hand is always free.

Contents: 450 ml WD-40 multifunctional oil


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